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Used Jeans Web Index

Beale International - Company out of San Francisco, Ca. that specializes in the purchase and sell of used Levi 501 and vintage Levis.
BuyCheapr.com - Medium sized selection of used jeans and jean related clothing. European company based out of Gräfelfing
BestUsedClothing.com - Major supplier of used clothes and jeans. Miami, Fl.
BlueJeansForSale - New and Used Jeans. Website uses a PayPay/Ebay interphase.
CheapUsedJeans.com - Online niche store focused on linking buyers with sellers of their used jeans. All of the used jeans on Cheap Used Jeans are located in Buy It Now listings on the eBay marketplace.
eBay - Online Purchase and Sell
Edenim.com - Extensive Inventory. Used and vintage American denim. Elkins, Arkansas
Exava - Exava.dom Sells new and used jeans online. Location of business unknown.
JeanBuyer.com - This website only purchases gently used and new designer jeans. They provide a pre-paid envelope for your jeans. No obligation transactions.
KidsAndJeans.com - A wide variety of "gently used jeans" for Kids. Unknown Location.
LikeNewJeans.com - Nice selection. Free Shipping. Only in U.S. accepts PayPal. Contact email available only.
MyXJeans.com - Online Purchase and Sell using your paypal account.Clackston, Michigan.
MonsterVintage.Com - Large selection of vintage clothing including jean/denim products. Business locations at Portland, Oregon. & Vancouver, Washington areas.
Remedy Outfitters - Used Jeans purchase online. Based out of Austin Texas
Sale-Fire.com - Medium sized selection of used jeans and denim related clothing.
SellUsedClothing.com - Buy and Sell used clothing. Location of business unknown.
SnobSwap.com - Small selection of used women's jean and jean related clothing. Buy, sell, swap your used designer jeans.
Swap.com - Fairly good selection of used jeans and jean related clothing. Based out of Addison, IL.
Tradesy.com - Large selection of used jeans and used denim related clothing. Uses Paypal as a payment system. Turn your closet into cash.
USA 501 , Inc. - Wholesale, vintage, cleaning, repair, and purchase of used jeans. Segundo, California
UsedLevis.com- Contact form. No phone number and location of business unknown.
UsedLevisJeans.com - Used Levis Jeans for USA & Global Markets. Wilmington, NC.
VintageTrends.Com - Vintage and military clothing sales. North Hollywood, Ca.

YardSaleJeans.com - New jeans & used jeans single pairs and/or bulk wholesale lots. Pocatello, Idaho.



We do not mention sites that utilize ebay.com as a means to sell used jeans. Instead, we mention eBay.com, above, as a site where related products may be found.


This page was last updated on April 16, 2013